Safe overnight parking for sleeping in your car

EV Charging provided at each LotDock® as well as 24 hour security and luxury bathrooms and showers. Hack the system by avoiding living in a house!

24 hour Luxury Restrooms and Showers

With bidet toilets and luxury showers that are maintained and monitored 24 hours a day, and deluxe laundry machines, our bathrooms are better than those in your home.

Live the Van Life in the city

Save money on rent by driving your home to our downtown locations that allow you to work in the city and live like a local for the duration of your stay.

For an emergency stop, a weeklong vacation, or affordable living in a city...

Reserve your LotDock® on the app, and then park, plug in, take advantage of luxury bathrooms and a full slate of amenities such as WiFi, groceries and restaurants, and a roof deck where you meet other LotDockers.

New LotDocks are opening up in a variety of locations. You can use the app to find the one nearest you. Traveling? Plan ahead by reserving your LotDock® just like you would book a hotel room.